FEATURED PROJECTS Church Renovation & Restoration


Eikona Studios works directly with the parish to make repairs, renovations and restorations. One of our prime examples is located in Cleveland's "Slavic Village",where the Pastor, Rev. Jasany, and members of the St. John Nepomucene parish set out to restore the previous grandeur of this large, Romanesque building. The existing motif painted in the 1970's eliminated many of the unique Bohemian borders, patterns and gold work once prominent throughout. 

A series of digital proposals were created that showed several possible designs which were presented to the church committee. After final design selection, large sample areas of color and patterns were applied on-site to verify intensities, finishes and proportion. Designs for new furnishings, flooring and lighting completed the project scheme and were all included in a well defined schedule and financial package.

The designs and digital proposals were all prepared and presented to the entire congregation through the use of large screen projections and open house to view materials. The majority of the project was executed during the summer while the parish school was closed.

Ultimately, the interior utilized 16 coordinated paint colors and various golds to create a historical, yet updated look. Fifteen life size statues were completely restored along with four large murals which were previously unidentifiable due to accumulations of soot. The parish is now enjoying the richness and functional improvements while experiencing an increase of membership.